Introducing Chase
First BankingSM

A debit card for teens and kids
with digital tools
to help them learn good money habits
in the Chase Mobile® app

The first step to knowing money matters

Exclusively for Chase checking customers, Chase First Banking helps parents teach their teens and kids about money by giving parents the control they want and kids the freedom they need to learn.

It’s a banking account for you and your child that comes with its very own debit card. Learn how to spend, save, and earn – all from the Chase Mobile® app.1


Simple from the start

Manage your personal and Chase First Banking accounts in one spot with the Chase Mobile® app. No fees at 16,000 Chase ATMs.

Monitor and control

Know where your child spends with alerts.2 Plus, set limits on where and how much your child can spend in one place.

Skills for the future

Help your child build good money habits through hands-on learning.

Introducing Chase First Banking

chase video Refer a friend to bank with Chase.

Chase First Banking has a $0 Monthly Service Fee. You must be an existing Chase checking customer to open the account. For your children ages 6-17.3

Account subject to approval. See Additional Banking Services and Fees (PDF) for more information.

Teach your teens and kids the money foundations of spend, save and earn


Manage where and how much your child can spend.

  • Set limits on where and how much your child can spend, like $10 at restaurants or $15 to spend anywhere.
  • Set up account alerts to help you keep track of their purchases.2
  • Your child can use their own debit card to make purchases at stores and online.
  • Teens and kids can request money and you can approve or decline the request.
  • Set limits on how much your child can withdraw at ATMs.
  • No fees at 16,000 Chase ATMs.
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Help your child start saving and setting their own savings goals in the Chase Mobile app.

  • Make savings a habit! Talk to your child about their savings goals and track their progress in the Chase Mobile app.
  • Teens and kids can set goals and transfer money they’ve received or earned at any time.
  • Easily transfer money to your child’s savings goals.


Set up recurring allowance and assign one-time chores.

  • Make allowance easier with recurring payments – daily, weekly or monthly – to your child in the Chase Mobile app.
  • Assign one-time chores and pay your teens and kids when they’re done in the Chase Mobile app.
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Ready to get your teens and kids started with their first debit card?

You’ll first need to have a qualifying Chase checking account before you can add a Chase First Banking account.3

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Have a Chase checking account?

Open a Chase First Banking
account for your children ages 6-17

Not a Chase checking customer?

Choose the checking account that’s right for you